Shlomi Azulay
HMI design expert
Together with Technologists, product designers, animators, and robots, I am working on bringing future products closer into our present.
I help shape, build and grow the design team and product.
As a designer at heart, I love the intersection of figuring out what people need, what technology can provide, and what makes a business grow.
In addition I serve as the Bezalel MDes Head of Design & Technology track.
As there are so many kinds of robots, our experience is to combine ML, HW, and mechanics into a single entity behavior
Multimodal interaction machines
Robots and smart machines use many kinds of mediums to express themselves, speech, light, sound, motion, UI and more.
When a machine uses several different communication layers we call it multimodality.

Designing an experience for a smart machine requires the orchestration of many different modalities into one coherent storytelling.
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